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When you dance in front of a single mirror, you will be able to watch your movements exactly and consistently. And then, you can decide which of your dance movements look great, and which need to be avoided. Watching your moves while dancing and take note of the good steps.

You can refer the steps to become a belly dancer  and pole dancing course  to broaden your knowledge and techniques about this dance style.

Learning how to be a good dancer is not just about learning movements and techniques, but about learning how to face with self-conscious problem and criticism. Do not worry about being judged. You should dance with a comfortable mind; the self-conscious emotions just obstruct your progress. Some things to consider include:

Start at a good dance school. Ideally, you should find a school where the teachers have got not only the technical skills but also realistic industry knowledge and advice. That will assist you in your dancing so much. They will answer your questions about how to be a good dancer as well as a different aspect of the dancing, and also give you useful advice that if you find the answers by yourself, it will take a lot of your time.

You need to experience and train in a variety of dance styles. Even if you want to be a ballerina, you need to go through some certain levels of tap, jazz, or hip-hop to get a general understanding of different dance styles. They also help your body develop in a variety of ways, make you stronger and be a more flexible dancer.

You also need to visit lots of shows which are musicals, ballets, theatre. Do this; you can broaden your horizons of the industry. You never know whether you will land a job in a music video, or on broadway; thus, be open to everything!