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In May 2015, a new series of books by Emily Rodda set in the world of Deltora was announced by Scholastic. [4] The title of the series is Star of Deltora , and the first installment, Shadows of the Master , was released in August 2015. [5]

In the Deltora series, apart from the books which tell the story, there are a number of companion books. These books include the following:

The Deltora Book of Monsters : This book goes through all the monsters and other deadly things that exist in the world of Deltora. Through the original Deltora Quest to Dragons of Deltora. They go through the beasts that cause the history through certain landmarks, such as Reeah from the City of the Rats. The book is also "written" by Josef, the palace librarian.

Tales of Deltora : This book tells of how the land of Deltora came to be, how the seven gems came to be, how the Shadow Lord came to be and many other things that evolved to become secrets, that just had to be released in this highly detailed book, with 20 new illustrations by Marc McBride (Illustrator), and tales that make up some of the legends. The book was "written" by Josef, who in the Deltora Shadowlands and Dragons of Deltora series is the palace librarian of the city Del. Outside of the Deltora universe, the book was written by Emily Rodda and published by Scholastic Press in 2006. [6] A new version with three extra stories was published in 2013.

Secrets of Deltora : This book was "written" by Doran the Dragonlover as a travel guide for Deltora. Outside of the Deltora universe, it was written by Emily Rodda and published by Scholastic Press.

The Land of Dragons : Although it does not have the word "Deltora" in the title, this book is related to the Deltora series. It contains many of the short stories from the original edition of Tales of Deltora , along with three additional stories (which were later included in the 2013 edition of Tales of Deltora ).