Die Prinzen Deutschland and Millionär German Lyrics

Die Prinzen ( The Princes ) is a German music group. The band is made up of former members of the Thomanerchor (the choir of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig , Germany, where Johann Sebastian Bach was music director for many years) and a former member of the Dresdner Kreuzchor .

Early albums consist of a cappella music. The band's first name was Die Herzbuben , but it was changed to Die Prinzen in 1991 to avoid confusion with the Volkstümliche Schlager duo Wildecker Herzbuben. The lyrics of their songs are often humorous, tongue-in-cheek critiques of German government or society. The group's most popular singles have been "Alles nur geklaut", "Gabi und Klaus", "Millionär", "Küssen verboten", "(Du musst ein) Schwein sein", "Mein Fahrrad", "Olli Kahn" (about German star World Cup goalkeeper Oliver Kahn ) and "Deutschland".

In reference to the group's name and the Brothers Grimm fairy-tale " The Frog Prince ", the group's logo is a green frog wearing a crown . The frog logo has appeared in a number of album and single covers.

"Deutschland" is a very cultural and ironic song about everything in Germany. It was written by German songwriter Steve van Velvet. [1]