Foes: A Novel (Classic Reprint): Mary Johnston.

For fans of the #PowerRangers , today was a big day of reveals to take notice of since the new information released reveals quite a bit in regards to the upcoming Power Rangers film, being released in March, 2017.

According to IGN , a sequel to the yet to be released Power Rangers film has been confirmed to coincide with the upcoming #graphicnovel , which will pick up immediately after the events of the first film.

The report doesn't reveal any specific details on the graphic novel or how it continues the story established in Power Rangers but it does indicate that information on the cinematic sequel will be included in the graphic novel when it is released.

The graphic novel is titled "Aftershock" and is expected to debut on March 29, 2017, five days after Power Rangers premieres.

We may not know what the graphic novel will entail but we can assume that Power Rangers will conclude on a cliffhanger that leads into the sequel. While the graphic novel will add context to the final act of the film, the graphic novel will probably also set up the next major story arc to take place in the sequel.

As for information already revealed of the companion graphic novel, only the title "Aftershock" was revealed so we can't make too many solid predictions on base speculation. Our best guess towards what the connotation of "Aftershock" likely alludes to, has to do with the aftermath of Angel Grove coming under fire from #RitaRepulsa and the Rangers responding to the threat.