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I don’t usually say this but, I’m so bored. I’m so so very bored of my life that i could die. I’m always at home, and i do the same things everyday, and NOTHING FUN HAPPENS. I try to make my life interesting. I watch movies. Read books. Listen to music. Eat food. Fangirl over people. Study (that’s boring). I mean, i try so hard! I’m so bored. I’m sooo boooored. Bored. I’m homeschooled. Everybody’s away and busy. And I’m always left with my thoughts. And maybe that’s why I’m moody. My mind wouldn’t shut up.


I wish a meteor would crash in my room.
I wish a seven-foot eagle would knock on my window.
I wish i’d receive a Hogwarts letter right now. (It’s January, dummy)
I wish a ghost would haunt me. (Just kidding. Noo please i’m scared of them)
I’m. So. Booored i want something to happen.
Why aren’t burglars here when i need them?
Just kidding, just kidding. Or not. I’m bored. So bored.

PS: Do you think i need to continue posting those “How I Cope With Anxiety” posts? Please tell me in the comments.

Ha. Yeah, but i’m shy (or you could say ‘socially anxious’). I actually love singing so much. It was my dream when i was young, to be a singer (it’s crazy i know)

I feel bored too, sometimes! I was homeschooled from third grade to high school, so I know what you mean. And from experience, you don’t want burglars coming to your house even amateur ones that get scared of your eighty year old great aunt. 😉

YOU WERE HOMESCHOOLED THAT LONG??? (why??) I’m only homeschooled this year and even if i hate school i think ill go back next year. Actually im not really sure yet, but i easily get bored!