2: The Shadow Dweller Series, Volume Two: Shameless.

Ok if youre gonna have sexy scenes in a book you should probably not write a prudish heroine because *yawn*. There were also way too many secondary characters to keep track of which made it difficult to read. DNF - Jessica on 09/17 09:45

I just want to clarify that I have never read these books, and probably never will, I simply felt the need to comment that I was startled that my last name has been used as a title for an adult romance book. Not sure how I feel about that... - ₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ on 09/11 07:45

I'm not sure about this book. don't get me wrong their are parts I love but it didn't grip me like I was expecting. loved shai girlfriends and dark sexy vamp from very old England. I'll keep with series as I've got most of them. - Sarah on 09/07 11:45

I don´t like short stories.. I didn´t know this is one until I started it. So the 2 points are only because it is short, it is unfinished, it lacks depth and it is only a first look to the series. This is not a complete novel. But OMG, the sex scenes were HOT!! Including a very creative use of a dagger!! *giggle* I also like her writing style, it´s easy to read and has enough dialogues in it.. I will definitely continue this serie and see how the full-length novels are.. It has some really good potential!! - Sonia on 09/02 05:45

Not bad for "vampire porn". There was at least a (weak) story and the focus wasn't entirely sex. This book contained two related stories and the second story was better than the first. Still, the plots were weak and cliche and the characters were stereotypical and underdeveloped. There was nothing especially noteworthy about these stories. I'm sure in a couple months I will have completely forgotten them. They are not worthy of my praise nor are they worthy of my time to heavily critique them. - Julie Paugh on 08/28 18:45

ugh. no plot, no believable reason for the heroine to fall for the "hero". poorly written and stops very abruptly. - Rita C on 08/18 02:45